Afterglow Headphones Reviews

Overall, we keep hearing the PDP Afterglow wireless headset offers very high quality sound at a great price,  but rather non-impresive device construction.  Here we have compiled various reviews from independant sources. You make the call!


PDP offers some cool headset products. They also have the Afterglow Headset Quick Charge station,  Afterglow controllers for the Wii, PS3, and X-Box 360.


Check out these Reviews

Gamestop – Game stop offers some good user reviews. Not sure on some of them but overall you can get a general idea that the PDP afterglow is a contender.


Destructiod – Destructiod breaks it down real nice, a great review from editor in-chief Dale North.  From top to bottom including some great pictures they took showing the afterglow headset being tested. And yes, we agree the afterglow headset looks like a lost prop from TRON.– In depth review going into the battery life, design aspects, and ease of connecting to your console or pc.


 Gadget Soups’s Review – Straight up review, talks about style & price.


New York Post Review – Nice clean review, again PDP got it right with good sound quality and a excellent price. Good close up pictures of the unit.


A&E Interactive Review – Gieson Cacho gives us a very in-depth review here. great pictures and very good to point out the different modes and sound comparison to other units. Top reviewer!