Afterglow KRAL Wireless Headset



Ps4 players now have a new PDP headset available to them. A full over the ear style headset with about 10 hours of wireless use. Excellent audio as usual from PDP will make this a very enjoyable model for gamers. Comfortable for hours of wear is another plus here.

Wireless Headset Specs:

Here are the official specs for the PDP Afterglow KRAL wireless headset.

The Afterglow Kral is a wireless PlayStation 4 only headset that offers an outstanding acoustic design, two custom coded audio modes, and an easy to adjust build that allows the player to control volume levels quickly and easily. Direct set up is made possible with a “plug and play” connection, using the included wireless USB transmitter. Users may connect to PCs/Macs via the USB transmitter. The included auxiliary cable also enables users to connect to mobile devices for passive listening.

  • Compatible with the PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices.
  • Wireless USB transmitter (compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC/Mac) allows up to 100 feet of wireless connection.
  • Bass Boost and Pure Audio are available for users to choose from for sound customization. Master volume controls and instant self-muting are also easily accessible on the user’s left ear cup.
  • The retractable noise canceling microphone boom is brought back to this new Afterglow headset to capture the user’s clear speaking voice with the best efficiency and without distortion.
  • The Kral headset offers up to 10 hours of uninterrupted battery life. With the included Play & Charge cable, users never have to stop gaming.