Exploitation of the headsets

The reason for this post is to look at the headset industry and what they are bringing to market and the prices that are being charged.

I think we have Beats by Dre to thank for this. take a set of headphones that cost about $5-$8 bucks to create and get a big name celebrity or music mogul to represent the product, oh and you have to put an inflated price tag on these to recoup the costs of retaining the celebrity endorsement, slick packaging, and R&D.

I do not want to slam Beats, but the overall quality is really not that good. And to justify the high costs is not based on the making of the product but for the bloated execs that need to get the margins back. With the success of Beats by Dre we have seen so many companies start making similar headsets and tons and tons of counterfeit product. The Beats by Dre line has garnished more fakes then any other item.  I have wrote several articles on these counterfeits and how almost everyone sold on eBay was fake.

But as gamers we have seen many more variations of overpriced cans that either look cool and sound like crap or sound good and are as uncomfortable as hell.

PDP Afterglow

I am happy to say when testing out the PDP afterglow line I was so happy and excited that something bridged the gap between high tech gamer looks and quality audio. When people see the afterglow they love the lighted see through looks but to put them on and get the full spectrum of the quality speakers PDP uses and the very comfortable cushions allow for many hours of enjoyable game play with high quality audio.

The pricing on the Afterglow line is high but not that high compared to some of the other companies making their headsets in the vein of the Monster Beats line.

I do like the Siberia Headsets and some of the Turtle Beach units on the market. If you are looking to get a nice set realize it is an investment and you can test many of the models out today. Most of the big box stores have a demo display that allow you to try before you buy.

Here are some of my top headsets.