PDP Afterglow NUR Headset



The PDP Afterglow NUR wireless headset is one of the top of the line gaming headsets on the market today.

The new Afterglow Nur presents the user with more amazing features without sacrificing a slimmer, more elegant design. The new industrial design sets it apart from any gaming headset. A few features to note: the split cushion headband relieves pressure from the apex of the user’s head, boom-less microphone technology, two audio modes offer customized sound for increased bass and clarity, and a new voice cue interface indicates audio modes and battery power. The Nur also comes with the customizable Afterglow wireless transmitter and charging dock, which uses conductive charging to charge the headset through two prongs located between the split cushions. this version also offers a hassle free plug and play solution so players no longer need to stop gaming to charge their headset.

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