PDP Universal Afterglow Headset


This site is dedicated to the afterglow wireless headset. Taking the market by storm as one of the top notch headsets for the gaming community we are very happy to offer you reviews, videos, unboxing, tips, tricks, and general information about these headsets.


PDP Afterglow Wireless

PDP Afterglow Wireless

Afterglow Wireless Headset

An LED illuminated gaming headset, the Afterglow will come in wired and wireless flavors with versions for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Both versions offer chat support via a retractable boom microphone and pack 50mm neodymium stereo drivers and have bass boost, flat, and simulated surround sound audio modes.

Suggested Retail Price $89.95 USD

Do your “do-diligence” when  shopping for your headset. Check the pricing. Many stores and online shops are offering some discounts on this model.


Check around for best price

Check around for best price

You will find this site a useful tool to help compare the various models from PDP, Turtle Beach, Tritton, and more.

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