PS4 Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

Ok here is my low-down on this long awaited game / bundle. I have been waiting to get a new playstation 4 and wanted to try and save a few bucks. Sony has been offering two versions of the Star Wars Battlefront bundles.

PS4 Bundle 1







PlayStation 4 500GB Console – Star Wars Battlefront Bundle (Click to see)

So for this bundle you get battlefront standard edition not deluxe. ALSO it is the DIGITAL edition. You do not get the physical CD. for some people this might not be that big of a deal, If you are like me and you might want to trade this in down the line. Also the digital edition will take up some space on your brand spankin’ new 500 Gig hard drive. It also will come with the one controller and the voucher for the other Star Wars games to download. The console is jet black with no artwork on the system or controller.

Pricing – This bundle is trending from $349.95 at this time of my post.

PS4 Bundle 2








PlayStation 4 500GB Console – Star Wars Battlefront Limited Edition Bundle (click to see)

Now the this bundle comes with the Darth Vader artwork on the PS4 system, and the custom colors. You will also get the deluxe edition of Battlefront. This is not a download it is the full version CD edition. Also included is the voucher to download the four other games.

Pricing – The Vader bundle is trending at $399.95 at the time of my post.

My take on these Bundles…

Since I am in the market to purchase and it happens to be a week away from Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2015 I have been researching what will be offered. Playstation will be offering the Uncharted – The Nathan Drake collection PS4 bundle for $299.95
PlayStation 4 500GB Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Bundle (Digital Download Code)

I am also seeing that they will be offering some discounts on the Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe edition. Some deals are the game for $49.95 or $59.95 and you can get a 3 month online pass for $10.00. These offerings are from Wal-Mart, Target, and Bestbuy. I am also in need of another controller. Black Friday 2015 deals show Playstation 4 controllers @ $35.00 which is a phenomenal price.

I could just get the Vader bundle but really do not want to pay the extra money for the artwork and controller…Just saying…

Do your own research and find the best deal you can. There are many discounts going on, you just have to look. I have posted many Amazon links here. They have some of the best prices listed. Plus you get a no hassle return policy and know Amazon will back you up if there is an issue. I always look for products that are shipped and fulfilled by Amazon. This means Amazon has the product in their warehouse and take full responsibility for the order.

Check out these good deals I found while doing my system search.









PlayStation 4 1TB Console – Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Limited Edition Bundle

Watch the price on this system as it should drop a bit. Also, check Wal-mart black Friday for the Black Ops III game to be discounted BIG.



PlayStation 4 500GB Console – The Last of Us Remastered Bundle

Real good price on the Last of Us bundle. Keep checking as prices are changing.