The end of physical media for game consoles

it is long overdue, and what should have happened when the PS4 and Xbox one came out. No more cds. We saw the end of the video stores which was largely due to the streaming capabilities and speeds which allow instant playback to rent or buy digital media.

just look what apple did tot he music industry with iTunes. the muscle that prevented the last game systems to eliminate the media drive looked to be Gamestop, sure they are the largest distributor of game titles but just look at the app store or google play. there is really no need for media anymore on this platform. Intact, one of the biggest reasons was so gamers can play most of their games from the prior system. that did not work, since most of them came out without the backward ability. However, the strongest point gamers made was wanting to be able to share games or sell them or trade.

Well, technology allows for many options now and one of them is being able to loan a digital game you own (well, do we really own any digital media, thats another topic) to a friend in your friends list. You will get a request from a friend who can see your library, at that point they can send a loan request to you. If you agree, the game becomes checked out to that person and unplayable to you fro the time it is on loan.

The same goes form movies. your library will show what titles are loaned out and to which friends. you can also put a scheduled amount of time on the checkout. Here is another option that would be awesome, say you want to sell it? we should be able to set a price and offer it out for sale or better yet trade. We could swap digital titles with our friends. I can tell you that our friends list would be building up since the more friends the more media available to trade..

I am hopeful with the next generation of Playstation and Xbox they loose the media. Publishers will save so much without having to produce packaging and will have the ability to possibly sell the title directly. Hefty royalties will go to Microsoft or Sony but in the long run there will be a big savings.

We are seeing the end of Gamestop and big box stores for sure. GameStop has been trying to venture into other areas to help sales. With the purchase of think geek they hope to bring in more sales besides the games. all we will be purchasing is the platform/console from retail. accessories are a big part of the business too. But not enough to sustain a retail chain and the overhead associated with these stores.

I watched the software industry go to digital downloads. there was a time when the CD-Rom drive ruled the world of computer gaming.  No more media. we will be digital only.

this is just part of my rant and vision that i see for our gaming future. Also with VR coming out now this will just be another reason to stream.