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Turtle Beach X

Turtle Beach X

Ok, my trip to our local Target store today had the following item(s) on sale. The Turtle Beach X12 Earforce edition @ $49.99.  I thought this was a good price for such an excellent sounding gaming headset. It has been steadily priced @59.00 So not a bad savings.

Amazon Savings!

However, Amazon does it again! I found the same edition in the retail box for as low as $31.88. New and refurbished are available.

For those of you who MUST have it right away it is a sweet deal.  For me, I can wait and order online and have it shipped right to my door. The extra cash I save will feed my appetite for my next lunch at Chipotle.

Here are the deals

Check out the new & refurbished models they are listing on Amazon.

Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset and Amplified Stereo Sound


Now this is truly a good deal. I am a stickler for the best price and know a good deal when I see one. Check it,  Posted on Amazon directly from Turtle Beach they are selling refurbished X12 EarForce headsets.  Now, you know if it is coming from Turtle Beach directly they are not going to send you some hacked up set of  headphones. backed with the full warranty you are in the win with this deal.