Turtle Beach x32 vs Afterglow

The Turtle Beach Ear Force X32 is a top rated gaming headset. it has been reviewed and proven to be a frontrunner in the crowded gaming headset community. Standing out for the quality of sound it can delivery and the ease of installation,  Turtle Beach prides itself on being a company focused on the delivery of quality products to gamers.

Enter the PDP Afterglow Wireless headset. Priced right at $90.00 it has taken the market by storm. With its high-tech design and “glowing” looks it definitely dazzles. But what about the sound quality? and the installation? I have to tell you, after reading several reviews and watching many unboxing videos the overall verdict is that PDP has a winner on its hands.

For the money PDP did not go “cheap” on the speakers and sound quality of the speaker housings. The outside design and plastic look does fall short with several of the top internet technology product reviews and players claiming it could have been more “high-end”.  Installation is a breeze and sound quality is what matters and PDP delivers a solid product that produces awesome high output sound for gaming.  The afterglow wireless headset does not feel “cheap” by any means while wearing them. But I do agree with the plastic being a bit less high-end.

Listen, my money is tight and for this price it is well worth it! you cannot go wrong with either set in this comparison.